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EnviZion- ITT’s Newest Sanitary Diaphragm Valve

September 17, 2014

Exciting things are going on in the pharmaceutical process world. Holland has spent the last week in Lancaster, Pennsylvania learning all about the latest and greatest in diaphragm valve technology- ITT‘s new EnviZion hygienic valve platform. This breakthrough technology features an all new valve body, diaphragm technology, and tool-less top works that will set a new standard for critical process applications where excellent cleanability and seal ability are not just necessary, but essential. This post will focus on just a few highlights of the new valve platform and what these features mean to end users.

The ITT Pureflo Envizion Sanitary Diaphragm Valve

The ITT Pureflo Envizion Sanitary Diaphragm Valve

Let’s start by looking at the most striking new feature of the EnviZion sanitary valve- the radically new tool-less top works.  The bonnet for all EnviZion valves are mounted to the valve body with a simple twist and secured with a few turns of a locking cover.  The rest of the “tools” needed for assembly are all within the bonnet itself.   This simple assembly process also engages the most innovative feature of the EnviZion valve platform.  A thermal compensation system that ensures a 360 degree active seal at all times – even following SIP.

So what does this mean for end users? Well, first and foremost, it means the valve does not need to be retorqued following an SIP cycle. Let me repeat myself: NO MORE RETORQUING. What else does this mean? It means we’re going to eliminate a tremendous amount of downtime and almost eliminate the possibility of losing a batch of valuable product due to a valve leak because the Teflon diaphragm creeped. By minimizing downtime, we maximize uptime, effectively increasing the capacity of the system. This is key in the highly competitive BioPharmaceutical market where capital costs and building design need to be allocated as efficiently as possible. These two features- decreased chance of leakage and increased productivity- make the valves extremely economic when viewed from a total cost of ownership perspective.

What else does this tool-less bonnet design mean? I’ll give you a hint- it’s another “E” word- ergonomic. It means no more tools, nuts, or screws in classified product spaced. The EnviZion valve makes it quick and easy to change out diaphragms in hard to reach places. Changing diaphragms is in fact so quick and easy now that end users may be able to consider bringing diaphragm change out in house, instead of relying on outside contractors.

Continually, by eliminating tools, we eliminate the need for some of them in our clean room. Diaphragm valves are commonplace in clean rooms and other classified areas. By eliminating the need for torque wrenches and fasteners, we eliminate one more thing that can compromise the area- another big expense.

ITT Pure Flo Envizion Valve with a Pneumatic Actuator

ITT Pure Flo Envizion Valve with a Pneumatic Actuator

So this new technology is great, but what does it mean for existing processes? Fortunately, the EnviZion sanitary diaphragm valve platform uses BPE standard over all lengths, making retrofit and replacement of current problem valves a breeze. Overall, valve footprint of the EnviZion is very comparable to existing valves. The EnviZion platform is available now in sizes 1/2″-1″, with the 1.5″ and 2″ version coming online in the near future. All standard block bodies, including sterile access, GMP, zero dead leg, and ISG configurations are available. Both manual and pneumatic actuators are available, as well as industry standard automation and controls packages. The EnviZion platform will also utilize the same materials of construction, including the diaphragm materials, used in ITT’s current line of Pure-Flo valve, which should help ease compatibility and validation concerns.

To conclude, the new EnviZion sanitary diaphragm valve platform is an exciting, new technology that builds on the decades-old, tried-and-true diaphragm valve technology. With this valve, ITT is able to offer a product that expands on the success of it’s Pure-Flo product line and provide an innovative solution to common process headaches. The EnviZion valve gives users another tool to increase profitability and assure product purity. Aside from the top works, there are some other key features to the valve, including body and diaphragm design that will be the focus of future posts. For more information about the all-new EnviZion valve, contact a Holland Sales Engineer

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