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Aflex Bioflex Ultra Hose: The Best Just Got Better

October 29, 2013
Aflex Bioflex Ultra Sanitary Hose

Aflex Bioflex Ultra Sanitary Hose

Aflex has long been known as a premier manufacturer of Teflon Hose.  Its flagship product, Bioflex, is the PTFE hose of choice in pharmaceutical applications throughout the world.  Bioflex’s unique properties of superior chemical resistance, cleanability, flexibility, kink resistance and its ability to withstand multiple steam sterilizations are unmatched.  Now Aflex has made Bioflex even better.

With Bioflex Ultra sanitary hose, Aflex has re-designed the outer convolution profile for the inner PTFE tube, introducing a high tensile 316 stainless steel wire, helically wound in to the root of the convolutions.  The wire greatly improves the hoses kink resistance by providing radial reinforcement to the tube and axial reinforcement to the web section, preventing web section collapse when the tube is heavily flexed.  If you thought Bioflex was kink resistant, wait till you try Bioflex Ultra.

What makes Bioflex Ultra sanitary hose unique?  No other PTFE hose is built like Bioflex.  PTFE by nature is very rigid and does not flex. While it has many excellent properties, (thermal stability, chemical resistance) that make it a very desirable material, Teflon’s lack of flexibility has forced most hoses to be compromised and precluded it from consideration.  While PTFE’s use as a surface for cookware products has demonstrated how easily PTFE can be cleaned, if you wanted a flexible hose you had to choose one with a convoluted liner that was hard to clean and drain.  If you wanted a cleaner fluoropolymer sanitary hose you ended up with something very stiff or with an extremely thin liner that did not wear well.

Aflex’s Bioflex Ultra sanitary hose solves this problem with its unique design.  The hose liner is smooth on the inside and convoluted on the outside.  This allows the hose to be have the flexibility and kink resistance of a convoluted Teflon hose while maintaining the cleanliness of smooth bore hoses.  The integral ribbed liner also helps support the hose against high pressures, and vacuum.

Bioflex Ultra is available in sizes from 3/8”ID to 2”ID.  Liners are available in standards GP “general purpose” grade and AS anti-static grades.  There are many cover choices including tube only, stainless steel braid, silicone, polypropylene, EPDM and rubber.  A side variety of end connectors are available including tri-clamp, flange, cam and groove and NPT.

So if you want a sanitary hose that has the flexibility of silicone and the chemical resistance and thermal properties of Teflon, Aflex Bioflex Ultra is one you take a look at.  Contact us if you need more information.

Nominal   Bore Size


Max   Working Pressure (PSI)

Burst   Pressure (PSI)

Min.   Bend Radius


Sky Blue RC





Sky Blue RC



1 ½”


Sky Blue RC





Sky Blue RC



2 ¾”

1 ½”

Sky Blue RC



5 ½”


Sky Blue RC




                        *Only select hose properties referenced in this chart.  Please contact Holland Applied Technologies for additional specifications.
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